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Helpific is a web-based support environment that connects people who need assistance in independent living to local volunteers and paid help.Helpific is a person to person solution that helps to create stronger communities.

Helpific was started during a “Garage 48 Enable” hackathon and brings innovation and ease of use with the help of information and communications technology (ICT) to individuals who need assistance in independent living as well as volunteers.

Helpific is a member of the Volunteering Network and has joined with the Estonian Diversity Charter.


Onze partners

Helpific develops active cooperation with local and international institutions, non-governmental organisations and entrepreneurs.

You can find our projects and partners on the Helpific website or on our blog and social media networks. Helpific is acknowledged by the NGO Estonian Association of the Deaf for outstanding support in communication and cultural accessibility.

  • HELPIFIC MTÜ, Reg.No: 80380146
  • Account: EE102200221061303677
  • Helpific is on the list of NGO's in Estonia with tax concession since July 1st 2016.
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