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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Helpific? Who is Helpific intended for?

Helpific is a web-based support network enabling the elderly and people with special needs to find both volunteer assistance and paid services. Helpific is a web-based platform that connects the elderly and people with special needs requiring assistance in everyday activities with locals who wish to provide that assistance. The concept of Helpific is based on an innovative sharing economy model which creates person-to-person connections in local communities to increase the social capital of our target demographic. Helpific is not an agency of service providers or a volunteer centre. Additionally, Helpific is not a national provider of social services, nor does it mediate services provided for in the Social Welfare Act that are organised by local governments.

2. How do I register as a User?

You can register at either with your Facebook account, Google account, or your personal email address.

3. How do I use this platform?

To use Helpific, log in and fill out your profile. After doing so, you can submit your request for assistance, add an offer of assistance, or respond to a request for assistance.

4. Who can submit requests for assistance?

Requests for assistance can be submitted by the elderly and people with special needs who are at least 18 years old. Parents or guardians can submit requests for assistance for their children and wards. Offers of assistance can be submitted by all members of the community who are at least 18 years old and wish to improve the independent functioning of the people that require support within their community.

5. Can I use the platform without a computer?

Yes. If a Beneficiary cannot use a computer, they may call our customer support phone at (+372) 5660 4642 and we will publish their request for assistance ourselves.

6. Is Helpific safe?

Yes, Helpific is safe if you follow certain important rules. Never disclose in your request for assistance personal data other than your first name and city or village where you are located. If you feel uncomfortable contacting and meeting new people, ask a family member, social worker, or somebody you trust to organise or participate in the initial meeting.

7. Does a Helper need to have a certificate, experience, or completed trainings?

No. Your wish to help others is your qualification.

8. Does Helpific guarantee that a Helper is found?

We cannot guarantee that all requests are fulfilled. We work hard to make sure that your request reaches as many people as possible. It is also possible that a Helper must cancel at the last minute due to an illness or some other reason.

9. Does it cost anything to use Helpific?

Regarding volunteer assistance, it is completely free for both Beneficiaries and Helpers to use the Helpific Website. Read more about this in Helpific’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy or Payment Conditions.

10. What kind of assistance can I request?

You can use Helpific to find assistance for the following activities: somebody to accompany you at cultural events (e.g. if you get anxious being alone in busy public places, etc.) and help in everyday activities, etc., personal assistant, help in chores, going to the store, using transportation as well as for simply finding somebody to talk to. In bringing people together, we take into account their local community and common interests. If you require professional help (treatment, personal care, health care services etc.), please contact an official service provider or social worker in your area.

11. Can a Beneficiary also be a Helper?

Yes. Every Beneficiary can also assist others.

12. Can I only ask for one-time assistance?

Each advertisement applies to only one-time assistance.

In case you have more questions, please email us at and we will try to find a solution.

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