Helpific vabatahtlikud ja abistajad

Sigrid & Merle


“I had a great experience with a blind woman who asked me to help her with cleaning her house. I was surprised by how clean and tidy her household was, as she cleans by feel not sight. The house was so clean that I am not sure I was of much help. I am willing to help again though, perhaps next time there would be more visible work for me.  Putting your potential into practice makes volunteer work very rewarding.

While helping people, I try to think about  what could be done to simplify the everyday life of those people. I found Helpific when reading advertisements in a volunteer portal and Helpific matched my values. As a volunteer I can perform different activities, because there is no specific mode of helping people. I want to notice those who need help around me and if I have time I can help. Maybe I can do it indirectly as a distributor of Helpific’s message. I recommend all my friends to join the Helpific environment to try to help someone. It is an eye-opening experience and the time spent on helping doesn’t take long.”


Merle has a profound visual impairment and Sigrid has helped her. Merle says the people that have helped her have all been, “very nice”. She has been able to reach her destination or her home and also has had help cleaning the house through Helpific volunteers. Merle recommends the Helpific platform to other people in need as it is a great solution to their problems.


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