Helpific vabatahtlikud ja abistajad

Marita and Kristina


“It was the end of February and the NGO Helpific hosted an innovation themed seminar in the Startup Incubator. People from fields connected with accessibility on the physical and mental level gathered in that seminar. Among other people with high social tolerance and nerve, I met a person who still has an immensely important role in my life – NGO Helpific project manager Kristina Amor.

Already at the end of April, we found a way to the dance festival in Freedom Square. Me, in the wheelchair, and Kristina, as an accompanist, experienced how it is like to move from Männiku to the center with public transportation. At the beginning of the May, we went through another obstacle – we went to a Special Sailers opening event in Tallinn’s Olympic Sailsport Center, where they christened three new sailing boats for special need people. We sailed! It was an inspirational and enjoyable day. A few days later info day of Tallinn’s and Harjumaa’s Special Needs Women association took place, which we had a pleasure to participate in. On the 26th of May, “Homecafe’s day” took place in Kakumäe. We chose the cafe “Soul tree”, Kakumäe port’s Haven sea cafe “Chamber” and “Literature Cafe”. At the beginning of June we “ended up in a bog”. We spent a few hours in the hot Viru Bog. Luckily there were wide boardwalks, which were suitable for wheelchair users. Kristina’s helping hand was very useful on the bumpy forest road and a viewing tower in the middle of the bog.”

Kristina Amor:

“We met with Marita in the Seminar organized by Helpific on a snowy day in February. I immediately noticed Marita as her smile and presence were shining up the room. Proximately a month later she contacted me and asked if we could go to a dancing festival at the freedom square together. I agreed! In a joyful manner, the bus ride was fast. Sun was shining warmly, which means that
our first bigger amounts of D-Vitamine came from Freedom Square. The evening ended with a slice of pie. That is how our friendship started! I am baffled from time to time how Marita always has a way to keep that spark in her eyes. Not all days are brothers, so she, too, has difficult days. I need to learn from Marita how to keep the hearth open and be positive, no matter what.

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