Helpific vabatahtlikud ja abistajad

Keiu & Maris


“I have requested help from Helpific several times. What I like the most is that finding help has been made so simple, comfortable and quick. Maris was an excellent helper, just who I needed for the event that night. And Maris did more than I asked or even expected of her – looking back, I honestly don’t know how my night would have turned out without her. We have become good friends and we also had other things to talk about, so we even went for coffee afterwards, our whole time together gave new, enjoyable energy. Everyone can either offer help or order help through Helpific – you don’t need special skills to help, only will and openness. Maris helped me a lot and I like her!”



“Thanks to Keiu, I have had operations that I didn’t even know were possible before I met her. I have neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors both externally and internally. Keiu knew doctors who perform these kind of operations and thanks to her I have had several operations already and continue to have them…
Keiu has also urged me to do volunteer work, which I like very much and it gives me a feeling that I am useful to the society in some other way besides being a taxpayer 🙂. Of course, she has taught me to hold my head up high and despite my illness, live a full life and contribute to the society in order to create a better environment for myself and for everyone else.”

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