Developing a Support Environment based on the Experience of the User

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We are actively dealing with changing our web-page more secure, user-friendly and accessible to everyone interested in us.

The purpose of the project is to test the existing environment and to survey how satisfied our existing and future users are with the service. As a result of the work, we will make our environment better, more comfortable and secure. We will take notice of the fact that the environment, changing as a result of our work, would be accessible to everyone.

If you wish to give feedback on our service or web-page, please feel free to write

Project time: May 1st 2016 till May 31st 2017.

To put our work into practice, we applied for sponsorship from National Foundation of Civil Society and to our great happiness, we managed to get a contribution of 11 999,41 euros.

Project activities and goals

Helpific was created because the State and Local Authorities have no capacity to guarantee disabled people so called “independent life” services (personal helper, transportation services) in conditions and volume necessary for the latter – people with disabilities need to find a solution with the help of the local community.

Helpific is the first environment in Estonia through which people with special needs have a possibility to subscribe single services quickly and comfortably; it is an environment where volunteers have a possibility to help a person in need in the community. Communal resources are mobilized on online-support environment guided by the conception of the sharing economy, and a person-to-person helping system will be created.

The following activities will be carried out within the Project

1) The current web-page will be developed into a more accessible, secure and capable support environment. This in conclusion means the following: improving the ease of use, transferring to WCAG 2.0 standard, raising the security and reliability. Meetings with target groups and experts will be held within the Project, during which specific needs and possibilities will be mapped in detail and a work-plan will be drawn up. The support environment needs to be accessible to people with different specifics of disability (including the blind, the muscle diseased etc.) During the Project period, the support environment needs to achieve the expected level of security so that people with special needs would not be victims of possible mistreatment. Introducing a new habit and raising reliability through positive stories in the media, also needs to be dealt with.

2) Ease of use, accessibility and security indicators, and alteration of the evaluations given to them, are measured within the Project period. Inquiries and meetings with a chosen number of representatives of target groups will be conducted for this in the beginning and in the end of the Project.

3) In the end of the Project, Helpific will have reached a new level of capability – the number of users will rise, more and more volunteer helpers and people with disabilities will be brought together. Helpific will continue developing the support environment, popularizing volunteer work and raising the capability of people with special needs.

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  • Helpific is on the list of NGO's in Estonia with tax concession since July 1st 2016.
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