This installation aims with positive stories to encourage all community members to ACKNOWLEDGE people with special needs as INDIVIDUALS, who are no different from people of same age – they go out for dating, clubbing, do sports, have hobbies and work in different jobs. SIX amazing stories invite you to break down the prejudice and public attitudes towards people with special needs and raise the AWARENESS of potential volunteers who would be willing to help them. In cooperation with JCI Estonia local chapters this installation will hold a roadshow in different Estonian cities. The mission is to empower the growth of smarter and more caring communities, as we believe that the COMMUNITY’s CARE and the SIMPLICITY OF HELPING each other are the keys to enable people with special needs apply their skills, knowledge and powers to full potential and live their lives WITHOUT BORDERS.


This installation is created in cooperation with Helpific MTÜ and JCI Estonia MTÜ.

Junior Chamber International Estonia belongs to a global network for volunteers Junior Chamber International, which connects up to 200 000 active young people from all over the world. In Estonia JCI is represented in Tallinn, Rapla, Rakvere, Tartu, Viljandi, Haapsalu, Paide and Pärnu, where it offers to young people a good environment to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility and increase entrepreneurial activity. In year 2015 JCI celebrate the 100th anniversary of the JCI movement. From the establishment of JCI network its members have globally contributed to various educational, environmental and social projects, also promoted equal opportunities within the community.

Helpific is a web-based platform that connects volunteers with people with special needs. Those who cannot volunteer can contribute with donations to ensure that the community members with special needs could live their lives with joy and enjoyment and reach to necessary services that enable them to engage in social life and do anything they desire. The mission of Helpific is to empower each and everyone to live a full life with dignity and to create stronger communities and smarter society. Volunteers have the opportunity to help people in their communities in a simple, fast and convenient way and experience that helping others can be really simple and fun, without taking any long-term obligations.

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Thank you all who contributed to this installation!

6 heroes - Merlin, Maris, Jakob, Merilyn, Oliver and Katariina.

Marit Murd, Sille Sillaste, Eiko Roosimägi, Sven Tupits, Marta Paju, Egert Sarapuu, Rein Sarapuu, Keiu Roosimägi, Annika Amenberg, Kerttu Sarapuu, Kadri Armas, Kristi Valter, Jaan Naaber, Mihkel Kaljuveer, Jelena Pipper, Avo Falkenberg

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Everybody can make their own contribution to fund a certain part of developing Helpific web platform – creating the message exchange mechanism, which will cost an estimated 5 000 euros.

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Account: EE102200221061303677
Explanation: donation

The heroes of this installation are six young persons with special needs - Merlin, Maris, Jakob, Merilyn, Oliver and Katariina. In their everyday dealings these heroes need some assistance. They are very positive individuals with different interests and knowledge regardless of their special needs. As a volunteer you can help them to live their lives more fully and without borders.


When MERLIN lost her hearing due to ear infection at the age of 3, she didn’t feel any DIFFERENCE at first. Her family members also use sign language. NOW she uses a hearing aid to manage her everyday life and believes that thanks to her FAMILY’s support, She will always succeed. She is a board member of Estonian Deaf Organization for Youth and knows well that a person with HEARING LOSS needs a different support. Merlin also likes ORGANIZING EVENTS and learning foreign LANGUAGES.

As a VOLUNTEER you can help Merlin to make important PHONE CALLS and assist at PUBLIC SPEAKING events in order to answer people’s questions.

Fact: Hearing loss appears approximately in 20% of people. Between 1-2 out of one thousand kids are being born deaf. Mostly hearing difficulties appear during the lifetime.

For MANY years, MARIS has carefully covered her body to avoid too stressful and unpleasant attention. A genetic disorder called NEUROFIBROMATOSIS causes tumors that grow all over her body and a deformed physique. Thanks to her supportive FRIEND, She realized that this PECULIARITY does not stop Her to do what she LOVES the most – attend heavy metal music events, write poems, read, watch films, draw, ride a bicycle, cook and travel.  

As a VOLUNTEER you can give Maris STYLE ADVICE and offer help in PICKING the right CLOTHES by considering her individualities so that Maris could feel herself beautiful and free and enjoy life at its full.

Fact: Neurofibromatosis is an inherited disease, which appears approx. in 1 person out of 3000.


JAKOB has always loved reading books and writing, yet He was born with a severe VISUAL IMPAIRMENT and as of today has lost his eyesight COMPLETELY. Despite of other people's SCEPTICISM he is acquiring a degree in journalism and apart from studies, he likes to engage with media, sound engineering, technology and translation work. Besides having a helpful smartphone that gives info on getting around the streets, taxi arrivals and abstruse findings from the fridge, he considers his supportive FAMILY and good FRIENDS priceless.

As a VOLUNTEER you can help Jakob to orientate in NEW and UNFAMILIAR environment, clean home and shop together. Sometimes only one SUPPORTIVE word or kick helps.

Fact: The person receives up to 90% of information through visual perception.

MERILYN has always believed that special need is not a disease, but a CONDITION. Due to MOVEMENT DISORDER caused by CEREBRAL PALSY She uses a wheelchair and needs assistance in everyday dealings. Yet, it has not stopped her to engage with various hobbies such as politics, IT, Internet, programming, reading, writing and music. Thanks to the support of her CLOSED ONES She managed to study desired software and database management and acquire a YOUTH SPECIALIST diploma of IT SYSTEMS.

As a VOLUNTEER you can support Merilyn in her EVERYDAY DEALINGS, assist in ATTENDING various EVENTS and be a good friend.

Fact: Cerebral palsy is a permanent group of movement disorders that appear in early childhood and cause the backwardness of physical and sometimes mental development.


When OLIVER was diagnosed with SCHIZOPHRENIA, it seemed to him that his life is over. He had to give up university studies, though he was a successful young chemist. Now, Oliver is dealing daily with EXPERIENCE COUNSELING, as he is heartfelt in helping the compeers. Besides chemistry, he likes phytotherapy, popular science, photography, filming, montage, file editing, computers and bioenergetics. The most important to Oliver are supportive mother, colleagues and friends.

As a VOLUNTEER you can TEACH and SHARE with Oliver something interesting about your SPECIALITY, COOPERATE and spend time together.

Fact: Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that appears in 1% of the population.

KATARIINA is an AUTIST, whose world is mainly comprised of her INTERESTS. Currently Katariina’s main interests are SAVING GIANT PANDAS in Central China Mountains and STAGING PLAYS. Katariina doesn’t read or write, but She knows how to find information from computer and communicate messages on paper, sometimes even in ENGLISH or PORTUGUESE. Now, MORE AND MORE components related to the REALITY appear in Katariina’s world.

As a VOLUNTEER you can help Katariina to discover more the practical world and by so doing elevate her LIFE QUALITY and affect her development towards more INDEPENDENT life.

Fact: Based on epidemiological researches the autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed about one in 150 kids.

  • HELPIFIC MTÜ, Reg.No: 80380146
  • Account: EE102200221061303677
  • Helpific is on the list of NGO's in Estonia with tax concession since July 1st 2016.
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