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Tom & Marek


A good sense of humor is so important to Tom that he tested it the moment he met his current helper Marek and was so happy that Marek could laugh along with his jokes. Marek’s help with adjusting the machinery in the gym and getting dressed is irreplaceable to Tom.. “It is cool how Marek finds unconventional ways to perform an exercise (attaching hands to the machine etc). I encourage everyone to use Helpific’s services, because I would never have thought that I could find so many people willing to help me in the gym”, adds Tom. 



Marek’s teamwork with Tom started on an impulse after a coincidence of circumstances. He saw Tom’s request to find a helper on Facebook by chance and since he wanted to continue his own workout in the gym, he decided to combine offering help while continuing his own fitness goals.. “Tom is an incredible person”, states Marek, “willpower and vitality, sense of humor, desire to try something new and not to be afraid of failure – all this makes it easy to help him as a person in need. I tend to forget that I am with a person who needs help. Yes, often it is he who helps me”.


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