Helpific vabatahtlikud ja abistajad

Tom & Sigrid


“I have used Helpific since it was founded. Altogether twelve times. For instance, last year when I wanted to go to a Trad.Attack! concert at Kultuurikatel, 6 people offered their help. Sigrid managed to get a ticket and we were able to enjoy the music together. I believe that it was an experience for both of us. I have also searched for and found help in daily activities such as getting dressed or locking the door. Olga, Marko and Erika have helped me in these activities. I am very grateful to all of them!”


“I accompanied Tom at a Trad.Attack! concert, which was a powerful experience. The cool show and the music made the evening go by quickly. The audience was cheering and among them also Tom, who in reality would have been ready to go to the concert on his own. I am happy that I managed to form a friendship with people whom I otherwise would not have met. Thanks to Helpific my life is enriched with valuable experiences with great people.”


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