Helpific vabatahtlikud ja abistajad

Soile & Santa


Soile needed help going to physiotherapy with her twin daughters. Santa came to help and Soile has only good words about her. “I think Santa is the greatest person in the world. She is so helpful, very calm, and patient with the girls, the twins are extremely shy.” When Santa went back to the University full time and could not come to help any more, the queue for the support person reached the family and now they have full time help.


Santa experienced that helping comforts the soul of the helper as well. She said that Soile and her family are very nice and close to each other.  “When I read about her little ones, I felt like I wanted to help – also knowing that in our country providing helpers is still not very common. I spent time with one of the girls while Soile went to the physiotherapy with the other girl. The kids are very happy and calm. I will never regret that I contacted them, because I gained 3 great friends and I could also help out a bit!”

Kairi & Kerstin


Kairi lived in Suurupi, but worked in Tallinn and was looking for people who would be able to offer her a ride since she could not drive. It was also difficult to get to public transportation from where she lived. Several people offered her help, Kairi says in gratitude: “All my helpers were very nice people, cooperation with them was excellent, and I was very satisfied. It changed my life quite a lot, thanks to those lovely people I could go to work in the city.” At the moment she lives in the city center and can walk everywhere she needs to go, but she thinks Helpific is a start-up that definitely deserves credit and she would turn to them again when in need.



Kerstin was one of the people offering a ride to Kairi. She found Kairi to be just as helpful and it was a great experience. “I got inspired from Kairi’s thirst for adventure (love for life overseas and her open approach to life) and confirmation to my conviction that all accomplishments begin from the person’s mind. I sincerely hope that Helpific is a sufficient platform for people in need. For me as a volunteer, this environment has been a great help in my search to help someone, when I have the free time and resources.

Irina & Sergei


“At first I was a little worried, I was afraid to say or do something wrong. When communicating with Sergei however, I felt secure and free. He was a very determined person and an interesting talking partner. We became friends, we talk on the phone, sometimes even go to concerts and different events together. I am glad that I accidentally found Helpific’s co-operation offer. This motivated me to forget my shyness and encouraged me to try the role of a volunteer. It is nice to be useful not only to your loved ones or at work. It is a wonderful feeling – to know that you are helping someone move towards their goals, whether it be achievements in sports or everyday activities.”

A blind young man named Sergei was looking for translation help at a seminar “Involving disabled people in sports with the example of England”.


Jakob & Kristiina



Visually impaired Jakob was looking for someone to accompany him at a concert. Usually he has managed with the help of his friends-acquaintances, but this time he found help through Helpific. “Everything went smoothly, the person was accompanying a visually impaired person for the first time, but since it is not a very difficult job, she learned it very well”. Jakob considers it natural that from the co-operation between the helper and the assisted, both should gain something. “Volunteer work is nice, but I can’t take advantage of a person and her free time, even if she herself agrees with it.”


“One day my good friend Laur suggested that I could accompany Jakob at an event. Since I had never helped a person with a special need before, I was a bit nervous, I was worried whether I will manage. When I met Jakob, the tension was dropped right away, because Jakob was very friendly and a good communicator from the very beginning. I quickly learned how to accompany a visually impaired person. It is not difficult at all! The event went very smoothly and I gained a very good experience that evening.”


Julia & Kerstin

JuliaMustand (2)

Julia does volunteer work and she needed help in transport and guidance to deliver Food bank parcels to visually impaired people. She found Kerstin through Helpific, who agreed to be the driver and help for the whole workday. During the drive it turned out that they have enough common topics to discuss and in conclusion the tiring day was spent smoothly and with good emotions.


You can say that Kerstin is a volunteer from the heart – in addition to Helpific, she also does volunteer work while belonging to the Volunteer Reserve Rescue Team. She is always open to new experiences and lessons. Handing out food parcels with Julia was an extremely necessary but at the same time fun activity for her. “During those visits, I saw a number of different situations and noticed how different  people’s attitudes, and deriving from this the whole course of life can be. I can recall Julia only with a smile – it is always fun with her! I will definitely help her in the future when necessary.”


Mare & Kerstin

Kerstin ja MareKerstin

Kerstin has offered help through Helpific to a number of people and she shared her latest experience with us: “Helping Mare was a very pleasant experience as were my previous experiences. This time I got acquainted with a great and active person who broadened my overall understanding about mobility disability, and helped me to remind myself that in reality, our closest ones are those we tend to forget to help in the every-day mess. I have recalled this fact repeatedly when someone has asked me what it is that I do so then I talk about Helpific. Then I mention that once I got rid of old stuff from my cellar in connection with helping someone else. Meaning that when I was planning to take Mare’s old things to the waste ground, I also loaded my own unnecessary things on the truck.”


Mare has sensed several times during her life that she needs help, but there is no place to get it from: “I realize that our society has become more open and volunteer movement as well as village movement has developed, but disabled people are still left without help. I used Helpific environment and mentioned my need of help. I had several useless technological gadgets that I wasn’t even able to lift but needed to get rid of. Kerstin replied to me and she came to help in her red car. As Kerstin does not have a very strong physique, I was worried whether she would be able to carry the things to the car and later take them to the collection point. I also offered her a tiny amount of money, but she refused to take it and said that this is volunteer work. I also called her later to make sure that everything went smoothly. I am still very grateful to Kerstin.”


Jüri & Edgar

Jürijüri (1)

Finding helpers has always been an important issue for me since I need additional help in most activities. So far my family, friends and acquaintances have helped me. As it got annoying to ask my friends one by one through social media, Helpific seemed like a good alternative. People who want to help, are already waiting there. I accidentally fell into the group of founders of Helpific, but now I have become a user of Helpific portal myself. Helpific enables to meet with helpful and bright people like Edgar, who are willing to find time for helping others in their busy life. This time I also uploaded my request for help and soon Edgar let me know that he is ready to help. Edgar helped me to drag an electric wheelchair to floor hockey and helped me to get to an interview in Tallinn city center. Everything went smoothly and all my trips got nicely done. I would recommend Helpific with the following words: an opportunity to bring new bright helpers to your life.


Helping your neighbors, caring and finding time is a part of being a human being. One of my acquaintances shared Jüri’s request for help with me. Helping Jüri was a first time for me. So far I have not had remarkable experience in this field. It was a very positive experience. I am often alone due to my profession and it was nice to get out amongst people. Jüri himself was also very helpful and friendly. He understood when I had trouble with something and immediately gave me directions. It is a part of human nature to care about the people next to you. Every person should find time to help those who need it. I spent 4 hours of my time. To feel like a human being is priceless!


Tom & Helen


Volunteer work makes life more meaningful. I have helped people with different special needs since I stayed at home. I am very glad that I find the time and energy for it, because every single experience has been mentally enriching. First time I heard about Helpific was from the telecast „Puutepunkt“, where Tom was talking about the organisation. All the more interesting was meeting with Tom in person. Our cooperation went well and I had fun with Tom in the library. Tom is a truly bright person! Helpific is a necessary link between people who need help and between those who are ready to help. I have also talked about it to my friends and told them to definitely give it a try.


I was looking for someone to help me in the library to find books. Once I uploaded my request for help to Helpific, I got several answers from which Helen’s schedule seemed to suit me the most. We had a good connection and it seemed that Helen also found it interesting to find books for me. Thank you Helen!


Eliise & Evelin


Eliise was temporarily on crutches and needed help to go to Comedy Estonia. Evelin came to help and Eliise immediately hit it off with her: „It was just wonderful with Evelin. I was very glad to have gotten myself such a motivated companion. We found out that we have similar experiences and views on several questions. We both got to train our ABS for an hour and a half and were very satisfied with the evening. Thanks again to the great and efficient members of Helpific and to all the sharers and people who showed their willingness to help.“


“It was my greatest pleasure to help Eliise when her leg was in cast and moving around was difficult for her. I have had a fractured leg once and I understand very well why in this situation it is sensible to move from door to door by car.“


Katrin & Riin


Riin came and saved my life like a last-minute travel ticket. It is quite difficult to find someone when you need help on a certain day of the week at a certain time – to exercise in the group meant just for neurology patients. Riin is attentive, patient, understanding, … – I feel safe and relaxed in her company. Helpific platform is the helping hand worth using.