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Merle & Helen


Merle has personal helpers, but sometimes the unexpected can occur. She feels that the Helpific platform is very useful to get instant help. “It is great shopping with  Helen – she has a good eye for what might fit me and I trust her on that. She is also easy to talk to and we have found we have lots of common interests. I like hanging out with her”.



Helen has been a support person to a number of people with special needs. Since Helen has experienced being a person in need herself, she knows the true value of helping. She met with Merle through Helpific, who is bright and cheerful. “I am glad that I can now give back even a bit of what I have received. I also like to meet with new and exciting people. Accompanying Merle is more like hanging out with a friend – we have lots to talk about and time always flies by very quickly”.


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