Helpific vabatahtlikud ja abistajad

Helen & Timo


Helen has only good things to say about her helper Timo and the platform Helpific. “Timo is so conscientious in his actions. Searching for help through Helpific has been a positive experience – mostly I like the flexibility – I can call for a helper exactly when the need arises, even if it occurs relatively unexpectedly and with a short period of notice. The existence of a helper gives me more freedom and an independent life. Also, the service is affordable to me as a person with a mobility disability who has limited income”


“Helen is very nice. She is an active and friendly girl who has experienced hardships but manages, and that is the most important thing. When we first met, we did a short training since this was the first time I had helped with this type of personal assisting.. I have a physical disability myself and whenever there is a need to help her, our cooperation gives us a good workout. This opportunity has had a great effect on me in every way, even economically.


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